Learn how to create a rewarding and lasting horse/human relationship through non-violent, cruelty-free techniques. Methods are simple, straight forward, and based upon horse psychology, herd instincts, and the primordial characteristics of a prey animal.

We specialize in re-training extreme behavior problems,  abuse/neglect /rescue cases, and showing horse owners
that there are gentle, effective and intelligent methods of communicating with their animals.  Natural horsemanship
is just that:  Natural.  We do not employ the outdated
“techniques” of bits, tie-downs, or other painful mechanical devices.  With us, the horse comes first.

We are located in the beautiful countryside of Moorpark, California, upon a serene facility that boasts over 140 acres, a large arena equipped for English and Western disciplines, a dressage arena, and round pen.  Miles and miles of traffic-free trails with ocean views are accessible directly from the property.

In addition to regular lessons and training, we also offer:  Gymkhana Club,  Ladies’ English Wednesdays, and Medieval Gaming.

Welcome to the site.  Enjoy your look around!