Marilyn Monroe an American, was a most famous sex symbol. She was the queen diva, actor, singer, model, icon, symbol, popular sex symbol, and considered as women God. Marilyn Monroe, a pop icon brought a change in the world of fashion. Her sexy and gorgeous dresses along with her shoes made a revolutionary change and made women look very attractive for men. Marilyn Monroe had a huge fan club drawn by her charisma.

She often wore dresses with a low cut and belt around her waist to make it look sexy and slim. Her favourite dresses were in colours like white, green, cream, brown, black and especially red. She had a trim cut hair and would wear few accessories, but she liked to remain simple. She loved her shoes as they would add style to her sexy body.

Marilyn Monroe's shoes:

Marilyn Monroe, a blonde actress was a fan of Salvatore Ferragamo. He was an Italian shoe designer. She was in love with his designs and collections. She was adored by him for her beauty and elegance.

He has himself designed her 40 pairs of shoes as he considered her equal to Venus, the Roman Goddess of beauty. Her wiggling gait along with her sexy unique body made her stand out and be a diva in the 1950s and 190s.

Some of her favourite shoes that she was seen wearing often included:

Heel shoes, preferably white colored.

Black heels which shine.

Brown heels with white straps

Red heels studded with sequins on it.

Ballet flats, cream colored.

Stilettos with black thin straps.

Close-toe heels, cream in color

Peep toe with heels, white or cream in color.

There are several online retailers who have shoes for sale in Marilyn Monroe style.. Her style was unique and elegant. She wore shoes with heels of 4- 6 inches in length. She preferred to have one heel shorter than the other. This wiggling wait added to her sexy curvy body. Her shoe collection is in demand now. People want to possess it to mimic her elegance and her style. There are several footwear companies inspired by this legend. These companies have designed flats, heels, and boots.

Marilyn Monroe changed the notion of the pumps.

She removed the concept that pumps were used by prostitutes. Since then pumps are in demand for office and casual wear. In honour of this pop icon, shoe industry designs these shoes which are high heeled and pointed. They follow the same concept of the shoes being half wooden and half metal in construction to give good fit and comfort in spite of those long heels.
The peep toe heels in white and cream colour available are a copy of her favourites. She owned a red colour peep toe held shoe which was studded with sequins. Such creations and designs are available online for sale. They are in demand as they give a wiggling gait and add to the sexiness of a lady.


Shoes in Marilyn Monroe Style

Shoe companies have mimicked her red leather stilettos, burgundy sandal with platform heels, red canvas heels, beige suede heels with embroidered designs and are available for sale which are copied from her style. A pair of leather high heeled shoes, in gold colour which were worn by Marilyn Monroe when she entertained troops in Korea is also mimicked and is available for sale.

The online sites like amazon, Ali express, etsy and many more have recreated shoes in Marilyn Monroe style. There are shoes designed in all styles which matched her collection bearing Marilyn Monroe's name on it. These shoes are widely popular and available in shops and in e-commerce websites. Her style is being copied by every shoe brand in the market. But her sophisticated elegance cannot be matched.

Footwear Industry

Marilyn Monroe is still remembered and she will remain eternal in footwear line. Her collection and replica's of Salvatore Ferragamo's designs for her will never be erased and forgotten from the footwear industry. These styles have opened up new horizon in footwear line. The fashion style of Marilyn Monroe is brought back to life in a new footwear line with her name. Her sense of fashion and style will not wane off.

People want to possess it to mimic her elegance and her style.

There are several footwear companies inspired by this legend. These companies have designed flats, heels, and boots.